Friday, May 23, 2008

Snacking in Shanghai

I was walking around Shanghai playing tourist. As usual, I was getting hungry for a snack. I was in snacking heaven when I found out so many snack outlets in one place. All these outlets had very unique snacks that would fill me up until dinner but also allow me to try new and exciting foods.

The first place I stopped by was Joy Taste. A very interesting snack, made of a jelly like noodle as the base. The jelly noodle comes in a giant ball, a young girl behind the counter is continuously scrapping the jelly ball with a madeline style machine. Out comes long and thin jelly noodles. You can either choose to have a savoury snack which consist of dried shrimp, pork floss, green onion, peanuts and a special sauce. Or, you can have a sweet snack which consist of sweet toppings like a gooey black bean sauce. You would not believe the queue forming for people who wanted to have this snack.

The second place I stopped by was Tailang Fast Food. A small booth where young boys and girls are grilling chicken wings on a stick and other body parts of other animals on a stick. Like anywhere I went, there was a long queue to order a snack. The grilled food was fresh and tasty due to its marinade.

The third place I stopped by was Lilian Cake. I just love egg tarts. A deadly snack for your heart and cholesterol. I got hooked on this snack when I was in Hong Kong. I finally found a place specializing in this snack. These egg tarts were soft, sweet and had a bright baked yellow colour and the crust was flaky and crispy. Just perfect.

The fourth place I stopped by was Bee Cheng Hang. The chinese love their pork jerky. Here they were making it fresh. Fresh pork jerky being grilled in front of your eyes. Amazing! How could you not have a taste. There several styles to choose from as well as different shapes. I had a hard time deciding between the sweet or savoury jerky. I decided on the spicy and was not disappointed.

The fifth place I stopped by was Sushi Take Out (actually I could not read the name since it was written in chinese), but looked very interesting. Young boys and girls in japanese style uniforms were serving japanese fish balls, tofu, jelly squares and other unique foods shaped into balls or sqaures on sticks. This time, the snacks on sticks were basting in a bouillon. The snack you chose were put into a paper cup with some of the bouillon.

You probably are saying, "No way can anyone eat so much snacks in on go!", well you now know someone who can. I could not resist trying all the interesting and delicious snacks. However, I did decide to stop my gluttony because I would have been too stuffed for my dinner appointment. I decided to start my snack binge the next day, there were many more outlets to explore.

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