Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I had to go to Shanghai for work and guess what??? To eat as well!!! So, for the next few posting, I will be posting my food experiences in fantastic Shanghai. Shanghai has changed so much since I was there 10 years ago. It is a great asian city. Full of contrast! Modern yet old, chaos yet communist organized, asian yet western, open-minded yet nationalistic, forward looking yet enshrined in history, sophisticated yet pheasant like, I could go on & on, but I think you know what I mean.

Shanghai is one of those lovely walking cities. There are so many nice areas of Shanghai to see if you walk. One of the most beautiful is the French Concession. Just like in Hanoi or Saigon, the french created such lovely tree lined boulevards. When the trees are in full bloom, walking on these streets are a treat. They shade you from the scorching sun rays, so that you get to see & enjoy all the chic boutiques, cool bars & trendy restaurants/ cafes.

There are also areas that are so trendy for dining and drinking. Xin Tian Di literally (pronounced Shin Tea-en Dee) means; New, Heaven, Earth, is one of those areas. It was the idea of a Mr. Benjamin Wood an american architect to transform this historic couryard style area into Shanghai's benchmark for nightlife and entertainment. It is an integration of old chinese architectural charm modernised with contemporary architecture & design. The outcome are stunning restaurants, cafes, bars and boutique shops. In a future post, I will post the restaurant that I went to at Xin Tian Di. Good things come to those to who wait.

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