Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sandwich Shoppe

We heard of an american who opened a sandwhich shop, bakery, and internet cafe in Chalong (Phuket). We like trying different breakfast in Phuket. So, when we heard that this place had english muffins and bagels. We decided to go. What's interesting about 'Sandwich Shoppe' is that it was opened by Mr. Woody Leonhard, the author of 'Windows Vista for Dummies'. I thought this was funny, an author of a dummy book opens a sandwich shop in Phuket.

The decor feels like one of those funky coffee shops in a small town in america. A mix of antiques with wooden tables for people to work on (free wi-fi), a huge counter where you order your food or coffee and a huge display case featuring Woody's famous american style pastries/ desserts.

The first breakfast we tried was the bagel sandwich with ham & cheese. The bagel was nicely toasted to make the outside crispy and the inside still chewy. It was not the best selection of ham or cheese, but the sandwich was nicely prepared and it was very good.

The second breakfast we tried was suppose to be the english muffin breakfast sandwich. This is where the staff girls were a bunch of confused girls. My friend first ordered an english muffin sandwich with just a pork patty. After a few seconds, he decided that he wanted the english muffin sandwich with eggs. Easy enough. Then came out the order. The girl who took the order decided this is what my friend meant & wanted. They deconstructed the english muffin sandwich. Even worse, the english muffin was not toasted correctly the first time and the jam they use is one of the worst and cheapest you can buy in the supermarket and very artificial.

I was determined to have an english muffin sandwich; so, I ordered one. They ran out of english muffins the moment I reached the counter. My luck! However, the girl suggested that I replace the english muffin with a bagel. Very nice of her. So, I thought why not. The place got busy all of a sudden and my friends and I kept talking. After a while, I asked the girl where is my sandwich. They forgot!!! We decided we did not want to wait anymore.

Overall, I think the staff needs more training. They were slow and did not understand their own system or menu. I noticed that we were not the only customers that day that were complaining. A guy actually wrote on the wall (where you can put your comments) that the staff were useless. However, the place is very busy with people coming in for breakfast. I think the Sandwich Shoppe will do very well.

I actually like the Sandwich Shoppe. I would like to go back and see if the staff improved and try one of those fantastic looking english muffin sandwiches. I will post again when I actually try one.

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