Saturday, May 03, 2008


I never thought I could be a vegetarian.  Until I ate at a restaurant called Anotai.  If vegetarian food tasted and looked this good, there is not a problem becoming one.  It is in an area of Bangkok you would not consider to go eat, but because Anotai is so good, there is a loyal following of vegetarians and non-vegetarians who go out of their way to eat the yummy food. 

The restaurant is a mix of old world thai & chinese charm; consisting of brown woods and colorful pillows on the chairs.  

Anotai only uses the freshest ingredients and organic products.  Even their delicious & decadent desserts are vegetarian.  As seen in the photo above, the desserts are displayed so you cannot resist.  On the chalk board hanging above the counter, it lists all the unique flavour ice creams and sorbets.  

We normally order many dishes to try and share.  The first dish that came out was the deep fried tofu wrapped in nori sea weed with a wasabi mayonaise.  This is a great dish.  The wasabi gives a punch to the delicate taste of tofu & nori sea weed.  A very good combination.

The next dish that came out was the spinach lasagna.  A lovely dish that has great texture and flavour of spinach with small bite size mushrooms mixed in.  They tend to top the lasagna with too much shredded parmesan cheese (vegetarian style, so I have no idea what it is actually made of).  A kilo of it that you have to wipe most of it off.  

The next dish out was young coconut heart stir fry with mixed vegetables with sweet thai basel & ginger.  A fine dish with delicate taste but a lot of textures from the vegetables but of course the star of the dish is the young coconut heart.   

The next dish was a green curry with egg-plant, baby egg plant and mixed vegetables.  A fantastic dish because the green curry's flavour is heightened with shredded kafir lime leaves.  Oh so good this dish.  It is also so good when you put the green curry sauce on top of the organic red rice that comes with the meal.  


We have been coming to Anotai for a long time now and have never been disappointed for Thai vegetarian food.  Anotai also has a  big selection of teas and health drinks that can either be drunk cold or hot.  Prices are very reasonable for the quality.  The staff though very competent, are not very friendly.  For all the time we have gone to Anotai, I have never once seen the staff smile.  But don't let this discourage you, because the food is the star at Anotai.

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