Saturday, May 03, 2008

Canal St. Martin

One of the last days in Paris before heading back to Bangkok.  We headed to a place that I have never been to in Paris.  I have heard a lot about it and always say I will go, but for some reason have another place to go or something else to see in Paris.  Finally, we decided to GO!

The wonderful place is Canal St. Martin in the 9th arrondisement.  This is the up-and-coming bohemian area of Paris.  Artist, cool bars and stylish bistros are lining the streets.  It a place a lot of people want to live.  It is also family orientated.  We were there on a late saturday afternoon.  People were sitting on the edge of the long canal and were drinking their beverages that they brought along with them.  Along with their friends, family, lovers or pets.  

We went to a very popular bar/ bistro called Poisson Rouge.  The dinner menu looked very good and it just had a fantastic review in one of the french magazines (we are going to try it in the next trip to Paris).  We sat outside had a glass of white wine and 'people watched'.  As well as watching the sun slowly go down.  Highly recommended lazy afternoon place to go in Paris for drinks.

 This will be my last review in Paris.  I am headed back to Bangkok now.  I did not capture and review all the fantastic food I had in my two weeks in France.  However, I will be back in September for the harvest of the vineyard and I promise to review more wonderful eating establishments and anything related to food and wine.  

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