Friday, May 02, 2008


It was a sunny & blue sky day in Montpeyroux and two friends and I decided to drive to the beach lunch.  We felt like having fresh fried seafood.  So, we got into my friend's car tried to find a restaurant that served fried seafood.  Well, its not as easy as it sounds.  We went to one beach resort famous for their fresco dining and seafood.  To my amazement, all the restaurants we asked admitted that they used packaged seafood for their deep fried dishes.  So, we drove on to the next beach resort.  This had a seafood restaurant that seemed very interesting for several reasons, lots of people eating, had outdoor seating to soak in the sun rays, all you can eat fresh moules and or sardines (which we were craving for) but the real reason was its name...MacMoules.   

Ofcourse, I am joking that is the main reason why we decided to eat in this restaurant.  We were just starving to death and the idea of all you can eat fresh moules and grilled sardines sounded good.  

We on purpose got three different type so dishes  to try and share.  The first order was small deep fried fish (I have no idea what they are called).  Very fine and deep fried with a good oil.  The french fries were just ok.  But with the atmosphere, all was Good.  

The second order was fresh grilled sardines.  They were very 
tasty.  The meat fell of the bones and tasted wonderful with a squirt of fresh lemon.  I ofcourse could not refuse a second order of the stuff.  

The last dish was the fresh moules.  You had a choice between three different sauces.  The typical white wine, tomato and dijon mustard.  Well, we needed to try all three.  The moules were plumb and juicy but the sauces added the right flavours that were needed.  My favourite one was the tomato sauce.  Shown below is the white wine sauce.  

And finally after two serving of small fried fish, four servings of freshly grilled sardines and three servings of moules, it was time to take a walk on the beach to get some exercise.  Lovely sunny day but windy and no one swimming and I would guess perhaps because the water was freezing cold or it was a shark infested beach.  

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