Sunday, June 15, 2008

iberry (Thonglor Tops)

iberry is a very popular ice cream shop and how it got started is also interesting. iberry was started by an ex-Thai Airways stewardess. iberry started with one small shop in Bangkok; now it has several shops all over Thailand. The ice cream is fresh and innovative with its flavours. An old iberry on Thonglor, in the Tops Boutique shopping complex, has been renovated and iberry has expanded to serving Thai and western food as well.

Not only is iberry popular for their ice cream, their cakes are also very popular. I find them on the expensive side, but they are quite good. We just had lunch so we did not eat at iberry but stopped by for ice cream (food will be next time).

I decided to try the mocha almond fudge (photo below). Deep flavour of mocha, rich & think fudge and nice extra texture of pieces of almonds. My friend got the Italian coffee, and you actually think you are drinking a rich cup of coffee.

iberry is expanding beyond its core business of food; well kind of. They have just launched a new range of body/ hand lotions with the smell of some of their ice cream flavours. Leave it to iberry to be innovative in their new business model as well. I personally, do not want to smell like ice cream, but I have to admit, the lotions do smell delicious.

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