Thursday, June 05, 2008

Taling Pling (World Trade)

I wanted to buy something from Muji, so we decided to go to World Trade Center to visit Muji and have a quick & easy lunch. There are so many places to eat in WTC. But, we decided to have Thai food and go to Taling Pling. The first Taling Pling is on Silom Rd. and the food there is great. So, we wanted to see if the food here was just as good. The atmosphere is as nice as the Silom branch, and it has a contemporary Thai decor with the colour red as the main theme.

The first dish we ordered were deep fried shrimp cakes. One of my favourites. They were a golden colour from the deep frying. They were juicy and you can tell that they used good quality shrimp to make these shrimp cakes. This dish came with the normal sweet sauce with peanuts, cucumber and chillies.

The second dish was clear noodle salad with seafood. A refreshing salad with the blend of sweet, sour and spicy flavours. When those flavours are blended well, the dish turns out to be great. This was a bit on the sour side, which I actually did not mind. I prefer that than it being on the sweeter side. The seafood was fresh and it was not a bad dish.

The third dish was fish wrapped in pandanas leaves & deep fried. This was a very interesting dish because I never had it before. Normally, it comes with chicken, so when I saw they used fish. I was very excited to try it. It was not easy to get the fish out of the pandanas leaves. The fish stuck to the leaves making us work very hard to get them out. This dish, after all the hard work, turned out to be very nice. Though fish should not be cooked so much as they were here, I did not mind because, I ate them in the spirit of how they should be eaten. Deep fried bite size fish.

The fourth dish was green curry with roti. We love this dish and practically order this dish in any restaurant that has it. I was disappointed with this dish. It was watery and I felt the flavour of the green curry was diluted. I am not sure what happened. But, it was not as good as it was from their Silom branch. The roti was fine; deep fried enough to make the exteriour crispy and the interiour chewy.

Overall, the lunch was not bad. It was a quick & simple fast food lunch. The price was reasonable. Though not perfect, I would probably return and try some other dishes to see how the rest of the food turns out.

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