Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nara (Erawan)

Nara is a very popular Thai restaurant in the ground floor of the Erawan shopping complex. It is popular with tourist, ex-pats and Thais as well. Go there anytime for lunch and there will be a mixed clientele. The menu is extensive; but the main reason we go there is for their Sukhothai noodle soup (Kuay Tiew Sukhothai).

May I say, this is one of the best soups in town. We normally ask for 'heng' meaning dry/ no soup. The soup goes on the side, for your noodle dish. It is also accompanied with deep fried wonton skin & morning glory. This adds the extra texture of crunch to the dish.

We normally order this dish with sen-mee (very thin & flat rice noodle). This soup comes with a spicy tom-yum soup, roasted peanuts, roasted pork, tender pork ribs, shrimp balls, garlic and green onion. You can imagine the amazing flavours and textures when all these ingredients are mixed together. I normally can eat two bowls of this soup; but, I stop myself so the staff don't think that I am a pig.

To go with our soup, we always order their Som-Tam Moo Krob (papaya salad with crispy roasted pig). The som-tam here is always perfect because of the perfect combination of sour & sweet & spicy flavours of the salad. It has the usual ingredients for a fresh papaya salad; green beans, peanuts, tomato, dried shrimp and chillies. The only thing this time, I was disappointed with the crispy pork. The skin was fantastic, crunchy & crispy but, under the skin was all 'fat'. Disgusting! I could not eat it. Normally it has some meat to blend with the fat, to give the perfect texture and taste.

You will probably see more post from me eating at Nara. Everytime I go to Nara, I have the same thing. But, I should try the other dishes on their extensive menu. Be patient and I will tell you more.

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