Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Oishi Noodle Bar (Major Cineplex)

Oishi started out making green tea. They actually made millions of baht selling green tea because they were very smart to ride the health craze that was happening in Bangkok. They have expanded to serving food. The first type of restaurant they opened was the Oishi Japanese Buffet restaurants. They also made millions of baht for the Oishi company. Now they opened Oishi Noodle Bar. Its like Japanese fast food. But so much better than any western fast food like McDonald's. Oishi serves about a dozen types of ramen, dozen types of rice dishes, etc.

I decided to stop at Oishi at Major Cineplex for lunch before my tennis game. I ordered the Miso ramen. This is not the best ramen in town, but it is not bad. The ramen has minced pork, sliced pork, half an egg, and bean sprouts. The miso soup is tasty. The size of the ramen bowl is huge. You will not need anything else to eat after the ramen.

This is the famous Oishi green tea that everyone knows about in Bangkok. I always order the Oishi without sugar. The green teas that are sold in the stores are just too sweet. I think there is more sugar than ice tea. Oishi also comes in many varients, but I always stick with the one without sugar.

Overall, Oishi Noodle Bar is a nice place to have a quick and tasty snack. I definately would recommend Oishi rather than any other fast food joint. Its probably healthier as well.

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Melissa said...

I love this restaurant- when i lived in Phuket i would eat here quite often at the local mall. Its very delicious- i've been trying to find out how to make the broth with scallions that comes with some of the dishes.