Monday, July 21, 2008

Street Food (Patongkoh & fresh soy milk)

Early in the morning in front of my office, there are many street vendors selling different breakfast for all the office workers to take back to their office. One particular favourite of mine is the Patongkoh (Chinese doughnut) vendor and the fresh soy milk vendor. I like eating both together.

Now, I know it is a bit contradictory that I eat something so unhealthy for me like patongkoh and at the same time something so healthy for me like fresh soy milk. But, I believe in balancing out things in life. The patongkoh has its origins from China and from the Cantonese name 'yauhjagwai' which literally means "oil-fried ghost".

They are little bite size dough which are attached in the middle and then deep fried. What's so amazing is that they make the patongkoh right on the sidewalk. Rolling the dough and deep frying them. You order by the amount of money, for example, 10 baht, or 20 baht, etc.

To accompany the patongkoh, right opposite the the vendor with fresh & hot soy milk. There is something very soothing, satisfying and tasteful about hot fresh soy milk early in the morning.

You have a choice to add extra condiments into the soy milk, like red beans, jelly (in different shapes), mung bean, tapioca, etc. As well as liquid sugar. I normally do not take anything with my soy milk, not even sugar.

This is how my mini-breakfast looks like when I get to the office and put the soy milk from the plastic bag into a cup and the patongkoh from the plastic onto a plate. You always dip the patongkoh into condensed milk to give it that extra sweetness. A really nice breakfast.


Drummer said...

I thought they have a green colour dip (pandan cream) to go with it ? I agree, the food is very ah roy!

Hungry in Bangkok said...

Agree, the pandan cream would be nice for the patongkoh, but its too bad the patongkoh woman does not sell that.