Friday, July 11, 2008

Food Loft (Zen Central World)

The Central group had the brilliant idea to develop the first hi-end food court in Bangkok. The first version was at Central Chidlom. It was an immediate success. Their second one opened in the newly remodeled Zen department store. The idea of Food Loft is that they invited (or propositioned) some of the best restaurants in town to make delicious fast food. For example, Gianni makes the Italian food, Dao Vien makes the Vietnamese food. The other choices are Thai, Malaysian & Singaporean, Korean, Boat Noodle Soup, Chinese, Indian, Japanese & dessert area.

The idea is when you walk in, you are greeted by hostesses and they hand you a card with 1000 baht credit. Everyone time you order food from any of the food vendors, they subtract the amount from the card. There is no currency exchange (yet). When you are finished, you go to the payment counter, they scan your card and tell you how much you owe. An easy system.

I normally go to Food Loft for the Vietnamese food. I am quite boring that way, I am very predictable.

The Indian and Japanese corner. The Indian food is quite good here. They make their nans on premise. You see the men with the dough and baking it in their special nan oven. They come out hot and fresh. Very nice.

The first dish I had was from the Vietnamese counter. I ordered my favourite Bun Thit Heo Nuong Cha-Gio (Vietnamese rice vermicelli with grilled pork and deep fried spring rolls), with bean sprouts, lettuce, cucumber and peanuts. Nuoc-mam with chili is poured all over the bowl for the sauce. This is a very refreshing & healthy dish to eat. Light as well. Just perfect. Normally this is a main dish for most people. I make this my starter. To my disappointed when the staff brought my dish to my table, I noticed that there was no cha-gio in the dish. They told me they ran out already. I was not happy, but too hungry to complain. The portions are enourmous (which makes me happy).

The next dish was again from the Vietnamese counter. Chicken Pho (you also can choose from pork & beef). I wanted to end with a soup. So, I decided to keep the Vietnamese theme going. The pho here is not bad. I have had much better ones, but the pho here is satisfying and tasty.

I skipped dessert but did take a look to see if anything would temp me. I was too full.

A really comfortable place to come for lunch or dinner, alone or with friends. You have huge variety to choose from and all the food is good. A very popular place anytime of the day for many people in Bangkok. It is a modern and well designed place. The Central group did a good job with the Food Loft.

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