Saturday, July 05, 2008


There is a very unique restaurant near my office. I saw it one day going home. They specialize in Japanese rice curry. But what makes them different from the thousands of Japanese restaurants in town, J-Curry makes their curry from scratch (other places use the box version). And that is all they serve; Japanese curry but with any topping you want to go with it.

The restaurant is situated in a parking lot and it actually is not a building but more like a trailer. It used to be Dog spa. I noticed that the dog sign was gone and the curry sign was in its place. The restaurant is compact, basic but airy due to having windows on all sides.

It has a small open kitchen where you see the staff making your order. The menu with photos are posted on the wall, you order and pay. The staff brings the food to your table. It's like curry rice fast food.

Japanese curry is so called 'Japanese European' curry cause of its origins from England. It is a vegetable stew with Indian influence curry spices. In Japan, the curry is made with French culinary techniques. That is where the 'Japanese European name comes from.

J-Curry serves not only the original Japanese European curry but based on the essence of vegetable and fruit. To ensure only healthful dishes served, plenty of vegetables and fruit are pureed and melted into the curry sauce, making their curry nutritious and healthy. That is why a vegetarian friend of mine practically eats at J-Curry three times a week (they also serve a vegetarian Combo). But not only does J-Curry use fruit and vegetables as the key base of their curry, their curry also incorporates more than 20 spices as the key ingredients (such as tumeric, cardamon, cumin, clove, coriander, cinnamon, etc.).

I ordered the Combo B, chicken, eggplant and tomato curry (for an additional cost, you can order other toppings to be added to your order). You have the choice of not spicy, spicy and very spicy. Of course, I preferred the very spicy. All the ingredients are of good quality. If you have been eating curry rice for a while, you will right away notice the difference of J-Curry's curry. It is lighter, fresher and tastier. It is not weighed down with all the preservatives from the boxed versions. You do leave feeling satisfied and actually very full because they give you a kilo of rice to go with your curry.

I ordered the home made iced green tea to accompany my meal. Very refreshing.

For dessert, I ordered the green tea panna cota. It only cost 45 baht and it was just the right serving. It comes in a small pot. The staff tops the panna cota with a dash of red bean paste and whip cream. The panna cota did have the taste & essence of green tea. The texture of the panna cota was a bit rigid for my liking.

A very nice place to have a quick lunch. The curry at J-Curry cost a bit more than other Japanese restaurants, but I am willing to pay for the freshness and no artificial additives, salt and fat in boxed curries. Its just so much better and worth it.

02-6623770, Underneath the Phrom Phong BTS station, next to Office Depot. Closed on wednesdays

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