Monday, July 28, 2008

Emporium Food Court

Emporium Shopping Mall is five minutes walk from my office. It is very popular with everyone in my office for shopping and dining. I was in a rush one day and decided to have a quick lunch at the Emporium Food Court. The food court is on the 5th floor. They renovated the food court about two years ago with the design theme of Paris, France. I find this a bit bizarre, but it does look nice. The food court has lots of light coming in from enormous windows. This gives the place a modern & relaxed feel.

I ordered minced pork with sweet basil (gai krapow) & topped with a fried egg. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with my gai krapow. It was tasty, but it was too watery. I think the cook added too much chicken stock.

The gai krapow is made fresh in front of you. You first choose the type of meat and vegetables that you want. Then they will cook it for you (photos below are the condiments you can choose from).

The cook preparing the ingredients to make my gai krapow.

Since I was not happy with gai krapow (and as usual, I was still hungry), I decided to have Siamese fried chicken (gai tord) with rice cooked in coconut cream. I know , I know, the combination of fried food & coconut cream is one of the deadliest thing you can do to your waist and heart. But it is so good. I am a very weak person.

I love Siamese fried chicken. I have no idea how they get the chicken so crispy but juicy inside. At the same time, the chicken has a great taste. I could eat this dish everyday, but I know the danger of doing that. The rice has a nice coconut aroma. The combination is just perfect. This dish also comes with a side of chicken soup.

The chef prepared my fried chicken rice dish and he is preparing my soup. This whole dish was for only 50 baht. No one can complain about the price & taste.

Emporium Food Court has about 15 food courts to choose from. You can choose from pad thai, som tam, duck noodle soup, muslim chicken rice, etc, etc. Plus drinks and lots of Thai desserts to choose from as well.

Overall, I think the remodeled Emporium Food Court looks very sleek and modern. It is normal that prices of the food have risen over the years but the quality of the food I think has gone down. There are many other great food courts in town. I will be reviewing & blogging about them in the future. But, in the end, that will not stop me or my colleagues from coming here for a quick and cheap lunch.

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