Saturday, July 26, 2008

Monday Free Lunch III

Yeah, another Monday Free Lunch. The very popular program my office came up with due to the economic crisis and just to make the employees get together for lunch, talk and be happy. We do love this program (the guy in the chef hat is our MD, Bob)

The first dish was terriyaki stewed chicken with soy sauce. The chicken tasted great. A nice dish that goes very well with plain rice. The rice soaks up all the sauce. Very nice.

The second dish was fishballs with chillies and hot basilic. Not a favourite dish of mine. The fishballs had a chewy consistency, but the chillies and hot basilic did add good flavour to the fishballs.

The third dish was macaroni with ham. This was the least favourite dish of mine. Not that I do not like macaroni. This dish was just too sweet. It was almost dessert.

The fourth dish was double boiled cabbage with tofu. We have a lot of vegetarians in my office, so the office was nice of thinking of them as well for the free Monday lunch. This dish was good. Though the cabbage was double boiled, the cabbage was not too soggy, which is a good thing. I liked the fried tofu. It added more texture to the dish. My only problem with this dish was it was very oily.

The drink of the day was pandanus (bay toey) juice. A very refreshing juice. Pandanus grows profusely in Thailand. The leaves are shiny, pleated, long and slender – they are the source of a well-loved flavoring that goes into a wide assortment of Thai desserts and sweet treats. A Thai equivalent to vanilla. Besides its culinary value, bay toey is an herb known for its healing properties. It has a cooling effect and is excellent for the treatment of internal inflammations, urinary infections, colds, coughs, measles, bleeding gums and skin diseases.

You can see from the photos, we do enjoy Mondays!!!

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