Monday, July 07, 2008

Bamee Moodang (soi 38)

One of the most famous food streets on Sukhumvit is in Soi 38. It has been there for many years and has been feeding hungry party goers starting early evenings until dawn. It used to be more chaotic, dirty and fun. But the local police decided to clean up the street because the huge traffic jams all the food stalls were causing. I have to admit I preferred the old soi 38, the new version is a bit sterile. However, the food stalls (about 50% less choice after the clean up) are still serving up great and very affordable food.

I went to my favourite food stall, you have to enter this pathway and they are hidden in the back.

These are photos of many of the food stalls. You can choose from chicken rice, rice porridge, red pork rice, fried chicken rice, etc, etc, etc.

The stall above is one of my favourite foods to eat as an appetizer. Moo satay (grilled pork satay). This is the famous satay stall. I have no idea how she makes enough to feed the demand, but I am happy she does. They are really really good.

The next stall is the queen of dessert in the soi. She has the mango sticky rice stall. This has got to be one of the most stunning desserts in the world. Not very good for your waist line but who cares when it is this good.

The next stall is the queen of drinks. She is famous for her fresh fruit juices or her blended fruit drinks. Always tell them how you like your drink because they will add sugar and salt. It ends up to sweet for my taste if I do not tell her; no sugar.

The next stall is the reason why I always go to soi 38. The most famous stall of them all. The bamee moodang stall. The two men who make the bamee have been there for years. They are experts at their craft. We have been going there for so long that we do not order anymore. When the men see us, they already know what we want. We just find stools and a table and the boy will bring us our bowl of bamee.

What we want/ or to start with is...the fabulous bamee moodang heng (egg noodles red pork dry). The bamee (egg noodles) is always fresh and has a great texture. Always cooked perfectly. The moo dang (red pork) is always tender and tasty. The wontons are freshly made and stuffed with minced pork & shrimp. You can also have crab meat added, but we never add it.

The next dish was the same bamee moodang but with soup.

For dessert, I had the famous mango sticky rice. I can never get enough of this stuff. Mango and sticky rice were made for each other. A perfect match. The mangoes were sweet and tender. Not overly ripe which is good. The sticky rice had the perfect texture and the coconut cream added the right stickiness & sweetness.

So if you are out late at night and feel hungry, I highly recommend soi 38. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. You get off the Thonglor BTS and the food street is underneath. Look for the street sign: soi 38.

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