Friday, July 18, 2008

Six Senses Hideaway Breakfast & Lunch

A beautiful day at the Six Senses. It was time for breakfast, so we went the Six Senses breakfast area. It was an open air space with stunning views.

The breakfast area is part of that 'Organic' concept of Six Senses, made from local materials again like bamboo. It is very comfortable with huge cushions and the detailing of the colours and materials they use were amazing.

The breakfast idea is that you choose one hot main dishes consisting of either western food like pancakes or eastern food like congee. But everything else is buffet, such as pastries, bread, fruit, etc. Since I spoiled myself too much at the wine tasting dinner the night before, I decided to go easy on my waist line and have a light breakfast. So I decided on the conjee (Chinese rice porridge). The conjee was paired with side dishes, such as chili, fried minced garlic, thousand year old egg and salted egg, ginger and fish sauce. A hearty breakfast and tasty as well.

The other choices for breakfast. If you wanted to have cereal, fresh juices, cheese, hams, etc. You had to go to an air-conditioned area where the food was being prepared for the guest.

If you wanted breads, pastries and home made jams, that was another room. The jam selection alone was a sight to behold. They had wonderful flavours to choose from like ginger & strawberry or lemon grass & pineapple, etc.

A great breakfast. A great atmosphere. A great place.

I will also be talking about my lunch because it was such a rush. We had to catch the Six Senses boat to get us back to the mainland, where a van was waiting to take us to the airport for our flight back to Bangkok. There was a huge storm approaching and the staff wanted us to get on the boat soon so that we would not be riding the boat in the middle of the storm. I ordered and shoved the lunch down my throat and then we were off.

I ordered something very strange being on an island from in the south of Thailand. I ordered Khao Soi or Soy. It is a dish made famous from the northern part of Thailand with Burmese influence. But, this is one of my favourite dishes to eat. It was a yellow curry soup like dish with egg noodles. Normally, it comes with chicken and boiled egg, then topped with deep fried egg noodle to add extra texture & crunch. The side dishes that you need to add into the khao soy was lime, pickled cabbage, shallots and nam-prik. I was not disappointed. It was so tasty. But I could not linger and enjoy it very much. We rushed down to the pier to catch the boat.

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