Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baan Hat Rawai Seafood Restaurant

A nice place for lunch on Rawai Beach is Baan Hat Rawai Restaurant. We call it the 'Blue' restaurant because everything is blue. From the colour of the buildings, to the table cloths to the uniforms of the staff.

The restaurant is next to the beach (only separated by a small lane) and it is an open-air restaurant. It has a lot of very tall trees hovering over the restaurant, so it protects from the sunlight and keeps it cool.

The first dish was seafood glass noodles salad (op woon sen talay). The seafood was very fresh and plump. The dish had a nice sour, sweet, salty & spicy flavours.

The second dish was crab omellete (khai jiaw pu). I really like Thai omelettes. They are very different than western omelettes. Thai omelettes are deep fried until a golden brown. They are deadly for your cholesterol level and waist line, but I still like them. They are like a comfort food, a very satisfying dish. Since we are in Phuket, we have it with crab. The omelette was good but they were very stingy on the crab. I have had omelettes at other seafood restaurants in Phuket where the omelette was stuffed with enormous chunks of fresh crab.

The third dish was amazing; clams in lemon grass soup. The soup pot arrived and was placed on the table. In the middle of the pot was a heating/cooking candle to keep the soup hot. The hot smoke escaped from the chimney. The clams had the best flavour from the lemon grass and the broth was wonderful as well. This is a very unique dish and I think this is the only restaurant that serves in around the area. Which is good, so we will have to return to the restaurant for this dish.

We only ordered three dishes because it was very late in the afternoon (15:00). We had a dinner date that evening, so we did not want to spoil our appetite for dinner. However, the small lunch was very tasteful and satisfying. Next time, we definately will order more food to try and so that I can post more about the restaurant.

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