Saturday, August 30, 2008


I used to live on Sukhumvit soi 23 and near by was this very little & fantastic Japanese restaurant. The name of the man who is the owner and chef is Sonie. His story in a very short version: he was living in America, he met his Thai wife there, they moved back to Bangkok, and he opened his first little restaurant on soi 23 (lucky for us). I remember when I first used to go there, it was empty and we just walked in and had fantastic fusion food and modern sushies.

Then all of a sudden his restaurant became very popular and had a cult following. So, he decided to open another branch on Sukhumvit soi 39 to accommodate all the hungry people. Then he closed that branch to open at Playground on Thonglor, then he closed that branch (long story) and is now open at J Avenue on Thonglor.

The branch at J Avenue is very long and bright with sunlight shining through large windows. What is nice about Sonie's is that he does not over use the Japanese design theme but does a nice clean and modern look with a Japanese feel.

Since we know the chef and have been going to his restaurants for a long time. Sonie was very nice to offer us a starter. It was a tuna tartare salad. Very fresh and flavourful. Sonie always makes the better tuna tartare. His spices add a good kick to the tuna.

We came to Sonie because he has very affordable lunch sets. The first lunch set was a 'sashimi rice set'. It came with miso soup, a cold penne amuse bouche and a Japanese mix salad.

The main dish was fresh mix of sashimi over Japanese rice. Not only did the dish look pretty, it was healthy for you and tasted great.

The second lunch set was 'spicy tuna tartare rice'. The set came with a penne amuse bouche, miso soup and a Japanese mix salad.

The main dish was one of my favourites at Sonie's. His tuna tartare is so yummy and spicy. The tuna tartare over Japanese rice is a healthy, light and wonderful lunch.

Both sets came with a dessert and a choice of coffee or tea. It was a panna cota with a red berry sauce. To my surprise, this panna cota was not that bad. I normally have suspicion about desserts that come with lunch sets. But Sonie's dessert had good consistency and the red berry sauce added the needed flavour and sweetness.

Sonie's Restaurant; J Avenue on Thonglor soi 15

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I like you blog very much as it says good things about my city and my country... and its about food & restaurant too.

Keep up posting.

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