Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunny Phuket

We were in Phuket and the weather was absolutely wonderful. But, nobody from Bangkok believed us when we told them. The reason is; it is suppose to be the rainy season in Phuket. It is suppose to be very grey and very wet. But, we were so lucky with the weather. Here is the proof....

This is Nai-harn Beach. I consider this the best beach on Phuket. We are very lucky because the house is right next to Nai-harn beach. There are only two hotels next to Nai-harn beach, so even during high season, the beach is still accessible and is not over crowded like Kata or Patong beach. It is now low season because the Europeans & Americans think it is monsoon season in Phuket. Well, I hope they keep thinking this and as you can see, it is not.

I am not at all sad that there are no tourist on the beach. We have the beach all to ourselves. We have our favourite beach boy who rents beach beds. We support him every time we to the beach. This day, we arrived around 12:30 and left the beach at 17:30. The beach bed is only 100 baht for the whole day. Can you believe it? So cheap! We can order cold drinks from him (beer, coke, fanta, etc.) and my favourite, a fresh cold coconut. The fresh coconuts sit in a large cooler with ice. When they are ordered, they are cracked opened at the top and brought over to the bed. The juice is so refreshing when it is hot & sunny on the beach.

I layed out in the sun the whole day. People were telling me that I was looking pale & tired, so I decided that I was going to get a good tan to change everyone's perception. I pretty much baked myself for five hours. Now, I have a very white bum to also prove that it was very sunny in Phuket.

The only bad thing about low season on Nai-harn beach is that my favourite muslim chicken woman was not making her fantastic fried chicken. I was so looking forward to her fried chicken for lunch. You have to eat the fried chicken with sticky rice. It taste so good and is so cheap. OK, this might sound weird, but can you imagine eating fantastic fried chicken sitting on a golden sand beach and staring at crystal blue water and sky. Paradise! I promise to post about the fried chicken next time.

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