Monday, August 25, 2008

Greyhound Restaurant (Central Chidlom)

I decided to have a quick lunch with a friend. We decided to go to a very popular restaurant/ cafe in a very popular department store. The restaurant is called Greyhound and this restaurant was located in Central Chidlom. Greyhound restaurants are so popular, that this particular day, I had to wait 15 minutes for a table.

Greyhound is one of THE most famous leisure restaurants in town. There are about four (I think) scattered around town. The restaurant is owned by one of the most famous Advertising & clothing line owners (Greyhound clothing brand) in townl. Greyhound is famous for its wide choice of easy to eat foods like the Elvis Burger, Ham & cheese melt, Miss Saigon (Vietnamese noodle dish in a bowl), Khao man-gai, Pat-thai, etc., etc. Greyhound is also famous for their desserts.

All Greyhounds have very interesting & modern design and decor. This particular Greyhound was very modern and bright with sunlight shinning from the large windows. The decor in this Greyhound used a lot of steel & copper and the main colour tone was black, white & grey.

For appetizer we ordered Greyhound's very famous deep fried chicken wings fried with lemon grass and fish sauce. The chicken wings are mini (I guess mini chickens), but the flavour that comes out of it is big. The chicken wings come out first and they are a golden brown. They are perfectly crispy. I could eat hundreds of these things.

My friend had grilled beef (nua yang) with sticky rice (khao niow). The beef was grilled nicely and the beef was tender. The sauce that accompanied the beef was very flavourful.

I had the Chiang Mai egg-noodle curry with chicken (khao-soi). A Burmese influenced dish made popular in northern Laos and northern Thailand (Chiang Mai). I really really like this dish. I rarely can find this dish and when I do, I must have one. Again, very deadly for my health, but again, who cares. The dish comes with egg-noodles on the bottom of the bowl with curry like soup. A tender chicken leg is floating in the curry.

The instructions to eat the khao-soi was first I squeezed the lime into the khao-soi, then add the pickled cabbage and a spoon full of spicy chili oil (no shallots). Before eating, I mixed all the ingredients together, then I added the deep fried egg-noodle for a crispy texture. A wonderful dish!

Greyhound restaurant is a great place to meet friends for lunch (I prefer it for lunch rather than dinner). The selection of food is large, the food is really good and the ambiance is easy & cozy.

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