Monday, August 11, 2008

Boat Noodle Thonglor

My team and I finished a big meeting and decided before going back to the office to have lunch at a very famous boat noodle shop on soi Thonglor (opposite the Thonglor police station). My colleague has been going to this boat noodle shop for the last ten years.

Its in a simple shop house with no special decor, simple plastic chairs and aluminum tables. I always like these simple type of restaurants. The focus is on the food and not the decor. As well, the prices of the food is so cheap.

The first dish was a dry (without soup) boat noodle with thick rice noodles and beef balls. A very nice beginning of my lunch. The noodles were soft but firm, the beef balls had good texture and the sauce beef sauce was tasty.

The second dish was chicken rice (khao man kai). The chicken was a bit dry, the rice was cooked very nicely and had a nice taste to it. But it was the sauce, full of ginger & chili, that was the star of this dish.

The third dish was a boat noodle soup with thin rice noodles, beef balls and slices of beef. The soup made this dish great. So much flavour and I have no idea what ingredients they use to give it so much taste. I could have eaten several bowls of this soup. But I did not want my colleagues to think I had a garbage disposal for a stomach. OK, maybe they already knew that, but I did not want to high light the fact.

One side of the shop house is the woman making the khao man kai. As you can see, very simple but so good.

On the other side of the shop house is the beef soup woman. Making some of the best soup dishes on soi Thonglor. My colleague told me that this boat noodle shop was open all week and weekend. Good news for everyone who lives or works near the area. I for sure will be returning.


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Unknown said...

Hi, have you got the address of this place?