Friday, August 22, 2008

Monday Free Lunch V

The weekends pass by very fast these days and then before we know it, its Monday. However, we, in my company do not mind, because its Monday Free Lunch again. The program in my company to keep its employees' stomaches full and feeling happy.

The first dish was noodles soup with fresh fish and shrimp. It was very impressive the display of bowls full of noodles, fish and shrimps when we arrived at the lunch area. We grabbed a bowl (could add more fish & shrimp), got the hot soup poured over the noodles, then went to put the condiments into the soup, such as chili, fish sauce, pepper, or fresh chopped green onion. Whats so great about the Monday lunch is you can eat until you drop.

The display of fresh fish and shrimp over ice.

The next dish was fried rice with chinese pork sausage and dark soy sauce. I really hate chinese pork sausage, so I stayed away from this dish. It did look good and lots of people told it me it was good. I will have to believe them.

The next dish was fried rice with ham. This was a much better choice for me. However, I thought the fried rice was lacking flavour. Thank goodness for the condiments, they added the needed flavour that was missing.

One of the condiments to go with the fried rice is soft boiled eggs. Soft boiled eggs goes well with most dishes; good examples are red pork rice (khao moo daeng), or stewed pork rice (khao kha moo). The eggs are not boiled entirely to make the yolk hard. The yolk has to be a bit runny to add more flavour to the dish.

Another condiment was deep fried small fish with citrus leaves. I really like this dish. I can eat them just as a snack. The fish adds great texture with its crispness and crunchiness. The fish add fantastic flavour of saltiness. The citrus leaves are an amazing ingredient for aroma and flavour as well.

The drink for the day was Rosella juice. A fruit that is good for your blood pressure and helps cure heat inside the body. Heat coming from eating very spicy foods or drinking too much alcohol. The juice was a bit sweet but very refreshing. Went well with the food.

The photos below are evidence that everyone in my office enjoys Mondays now.

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