Saturday, August 09, 2008

Monday Free Lunch IV

Another lovely Monday has arrived and with it, my company gives the staff free lunch. Now, everyone in the company actually looks forward to Mondays to see what is on the menu. The menu for this Monday was...

The first dish was noodle soup with fish balls. You were given a choice of the type of fish balls you wanted (or all if you wanted). The first choice was the smooth fish balls.

The second choice was the rough fish balls. The difference between the smooth and rough is that the smooth is only fish, while the rough has added ingredients like pepper.

The third choice was thinly sliced fish patties.

The choice of noodles were, rice noodles (thick & thin), penne sized rice noodles and egg noodles.

Once you get your soup, you were given a choice of condiment sauces to add to your soup. In Thailand, no one eats their soup the same way. There are a hundred ways of creating the taste of the soup. The soup should have the four taste of sour, sweet, spicy and acidic. I do not like my soup sweet, so I just add fish sauce and some pepper flakes.

The vegetable of the day was water spinach stir fried with chili and soya sauce. I really like water spinach, not only is it healthy for you, but it has a strange texture, the end of the stalks are hollow. Its a great way for the sauce to be stored, so when you eat the water spinach, all the sauce squirts in your mouth.

The next dish was fried rice with ham and Chinese salami. I did not have any of this dish because I hate Chinese salami. I do not know when my hate for this salami started, but I actually feel sick after eating it. Perhaps, its more a mental thing than it not being delicious. But I am sure this dish was very good since everyone I saw eating it was enjoying it.

The next dish was stir fried chicken with lemon grass. Now, I really liked this dish. The chicken was very tender and when this dish was put over hot steaming plain rice, it was delicious.

The drink for the day was chrysanthemum juice. I find most juices in Thailand to be too sweet. Which is contradictory since all these ancient juices are suppose to be good for you.

From the sign, chrysanthemum juice is good for curing heat inside your body and headaches. It nurtures your heart and eye sight. It also aids in having a good appetite.

As usual, some photos to show that we truly enjoy Mondays now. We got good news that this free Monday lunch will be extended until the end of the month since it was so popular. Its nice to have good news on Mondays.

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