Sunday, August 03, 2008

Madison (Four Seasons)

It was a friend's birthday, we wanted to celebrate and we also felt like having beef for dinner. Since we have not been to Madison, the steak restaurant of the Four Seasons hotel, we decided to go. It is a very nicely decorated restaurant. It was designed by the very famous designer Tony Chi. The restaurant has the design theme of the art deco era.

While reading the menus, a tray of freshly baked bread arrived. It consisted of two loaves, the first one was a wheat loaf and the second was a white loaf with garlic & butter. There were also two types of butter to try. One was plain & the second was a dried tomato butter. The breads were so good. But, I had to control myself or I would not be able to eat our dinner.

We decided to share an appetizer, so we ordered Madison's famous seafood platter for two. It was an amazing sight when the seafood platter arrived. The platter had the freshest seafood with the most vibrant colours. Large prawns, crab claws, oysters, cray fish & long finger shell fish. You did not need any type of sauce to accompany the seafood. Just a squeeze of lemon made the appetizer perfect.

The first main course veal on a bed of fresh peas & carrots. The veal was amazing. So tender and juicy. So much flavour & cooked perfectly.

The second main course was a 600 gram t-bone steak. The beef was unbelievably delicious. Cooked to perfection, so tender that it cut like butter and the taste was so good. It had a smoky taste as well due to being grilled. A simple dish but done perfectly.

We had to order side dishes to accompany the meats, so we decided on fresh mushrooms and creamed spinach. We actually did not need the side orders because we had over a kilo of meet to eat. But we did have a taste and both the mushrooms and spinach dishes were very good.

The red wine we drank to go with the wonderful dinner was a 1989 Grand vin de Leoville, Saint-Julien. This was an incredible wine. The character of the wine was concentrated, structured, profound, good tannins, lots of fruit. It went so well with the meat dishes.

It was my friend's birthday and it was very nice of Madison to give a free surprise birthday cake. It was a mango mouse cake. Since, I love anything 'mango', I did like this cake. It was light and not too sweet.

Madison is a very nice place to have meat. It is very rare that I eat beef in Bangkok. When when the mood does come, Madison is always a good choice. However, one thing does keep me away; the prices. I do not want to scare anyone away, but do start saving now if you plan to go to Madison for dinner.

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