Friday, August 29, 2008

Mister Pas, Food : Bar

A friend of mine took the initiative to gather our gang and have a dinner. We all work in the same building and yet we barely see or even talk to each. So, he decided that was not good and we had to change that. He decided to take us to a two table restaurant near the Khao-San Road area. He went there several times and thought it would be the perfect place for food and good discussion.

Mister Pas is truly a very small restaurant. You feel like you are walking into someones home instead of a restaurant. There are only two tables (actually, there are three tables but the third table was occupied by the owners very cute dog, take a look at the photo above, there is a cute little silver haired dog sitting the chair). There are two kitchens, one through a door and another cooking station in the dinning room (photo below), where they make the sauces and garnish the food coming out of the kitchen.

The first dish was shrimp & spinach quesadilla. A very nice starter, arriving on the table, hot and crispy. The filling of the quesadilla was tasty and the home made sauce was rich and flavourful.

The second dish was onion rings. Huge rings that were perfectly fried to a golden brown and crispy. The onion inside was fresh but did not have much taste. The home made sauce added the needed flavour to the onion rings.

The third dish was a simple mixed salad. A good mix of salads and the salad dressing had the right consistency of acidity and saltiness.

The fourth dish was shrimp, avocado & bacon salad. A bit stingy on the avocado & shrimp, but the few pieces that were on the dish were good and fresh.

The fifth dish was seafood salad. Again, stingy on the seafood. But the seafood was good and cooked nicely.

The sixth dish was seafood pasta. The pasta was cooked nicely. Good portion of seafood. The dish was well put together and tasted good. I would have not preferred to have the cheese added already to the dish. But my friends did not mind it.

The seventh dish was fried fish (sorry I can't remember the type of fish we had, maybe too much wine that evening) on a bed of salsa. Good quality fish but I thought it was cooked a bit too much. However, I did like that they cooked the fish on the skin side only making the skin very crispy. The home made salsa added the acidity and saltiness for this dish.

The eighth dish was pork rolled with bacon. The pork was cooked very nicely, still a tad pink inside. The pork was moist and juicy. Thai pork is always very good. The jus was the right saue to accompany this dish. It added flavour and did not over whelm the pork.

The ninth dish was pork loin. Again, nicely cooked, still a tad pink. The pork was moist and juicy. This dish was more simple than the first because it had no bacon to add extra flavour. The simplicity of this dish was what made it so good.

The tenth dish was penne mushroom & asparagus. The penne was cooked nicely. The mushrooms and asparagus added nice texture. The flavours were right with good olive oil and herbs.

The eleventh dish was seafood black squid ink pasta. Probably my least favourite dish. Though, the squid ink was cooked well, the seafood was plentiful and fresh. I felt there was something missing and that this dish did not have the flavours that would have made this dish memorable.

The twelveth dish was vanilla ice cream. Rich and creamy and well decorated. But again, nothing very special.

The thirteenth dish was apple tartin. A nice dessert, the apple added freshness and good acidity. The ice cream added the sweetness and creaminess. As a whole, it was well put together.

Mister Pas over all was a nice and different restaurant experience. I did like the coziness atmosphere due to only having two tables, cooking in the dinning room and the cute dog sitting on the third table. I liked that the owner was the chef and serving the dishes as well. It really felt like you were in his home instead of his restaurant. It is a nice place to gather with friends.

There were five of us and the bill came to 1,400 baht per person. I thought that was too expensive!!! The food was ok, but not so sure it was worth the cost. I will probably go back just because the atmosphere is nice, I like the simplicity of the food and how it is put together but the prices might keep me away.
If you go, I would suggest you take a taxi because parking in this area is very difficult.

Chanasongkhram, Phra Noakorn, Bangkok 10200
t: 02 6293207
mob: 081 9211920, 081 4563260
closed on monday
10:30 - 22:30

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