Saturday, August 02, 2008

Lunch Lady

Just around the corner of my office, is a shop house that sells Thai food from 7:00 - 15:00. The place is owned by a woman who we call the Lunch Lady. The place is polarizing in the sense that there are people who don't mind going there for lunch and there are people who will never touch her food (very long story). But when you are busy and have no time for a proper lunch, she is always handy to have as a choice. The shop house is very simple with very ugly wall paper and has basic plastic chairs and plastic table covers.

They have about 15 - 20 Thai dishes to choose from everyday (though most of it is the same everyday). They make the food fresh on premise. I see the woman around 18:00 in front of the shop house, cleaning vegetables, cutting up chilies, etc.

Normally, I bring my tin lunch box (pinto) to the place and have it packed so that I can take it back to the office and work and eat at the same time (I know not very healthy). I also take my pinto because I am trying to help save the environment. Thais love plastic bags and styrofoam boxes. That is what is mainly uses as take away containers.

The photo below is the Lunch Lady. She is nice and if I eat on premise, she always gives me a free bowl of soup to go with my lunch. You need to go and get your lunch before 13:00 because most of the food goes very fast. There are a lot of people working around my area.

As you can see, you can choose from several types of curries, vegetables, a soup, meats, and the special of the day was Thai stuffed omelette (khai yad sai), one of my favourite dishes.

The photo below was my choice for my lunch that day (in the pinto). Stir fried broccoli with crispy pork (I always choose one vegetable for my lunch). I do love broccoli and this dish was ok. I prefer that they did not put the crispy pork but it does add extra flavour. The meat dish for my lunch was red curry with pork. A very spicy dish, intense with flavour and rich with the coconut cream. Very tasty. And of course the food is accompanied with rice. All this for only 65 baht. Incredible!

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