Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bahce Balik Restaurant (Fethiye, Turkey)

Our next stop was Fethiye. A lovely city with a touristic part that actually had some charm. This is the city that I had my very first Turkish shave. It was very scary. I never had a traditional razor blade shave before. The guy we had was very good and careful. Thank goodness; there was no photo taken. However; I did survive and it turned out to be very nice. I also had a hair cut and he gave me one of the best shampoo massages I have ever had.

In the evening; we came back to the old touristic part of the city. The roads are made of cobble stones and gives it the old charm. The architecture of the buildings were also very nice. We were on our way to the restaurant for dinner.

Our friends really like Bahce Balik restaurant and we were glad that they wanted to take us to it.

It was al fresco dinning; which was fantastic because the weather was perfect. The dinning area was lovely with hanging vines, plants and trees. The decor was simple but with good taste.

We started with a simple salad. Very simple, with olive oil and lemon.

The next dish was long green beans. Cooked until tender and again prepared simply with olive oil and lemon. The green beens were tender but still had a slight crunch to the bite.

The next dish was fresh thick yoghurt. Very creamy and if you placed your spoon in the middle of the dish, the spoon would have stood up.

The next dish was fresh beets. I really like beets; so to have fresh beets was a treat. They were very sweet. Adding a bit of the thick sour yoghurt was a great combination.

The next dish was stuffed cabbage. Normally, I do not like stuffed cabbage. I hate soggy vegetables. But, this dish was tasted very nice. The cabbage did not fall apart when you picked it up. The filling of fish and herbs was a very nice touch. The fish was not overcooked and the herbs added the needed flavour and aroma.

The next dish was plump fresh shrimp. Oh of my favourite sea creatures. Not very good for my very very high cholesterol, but I can never resist several of them. Again very simply prepared with olive oil and lemon.

The next dish was deep fried Turkish spring rolls (sorry, have no idea what they are really called), stuffed with seafood. If you read my blog; you will know by now that I cannot resist fried foods. This did not disappoint. Crunchy outside with the stuffing hot and tasty. No sauce needed because the filling was already very tasty.

The next dish was deep freid cheese rolls. Another very nice dish. Deep fried to a golden brown. Slightly crunchy; after a bite and the tasty Turkish cheese slightly oozes out.

The next dish is the signature dish of the restaurant. Our friends just return to this restaurant to eat this dish. Its octopus; smoked and grilled to perfection. It indeed was very good. I never had octopus prepared like this. Very unique and uniquely delicious.

The last dish was grilled fish. The fish was amazing; grilled perfectly. The fish was tender, moist and not overcooked. By now; we decided that we had enough food.

The wine that we drank with the dinner was a Turkish white wine: Sevilen, Sauvignon Blanc 2008. We were very delighted to know that Turkey has a thriving wine industry and what they produce is not bad at all.

Walking back to the boat. Another wonderful day in Turkey and another stunning dinner. Bahce Balik Restaurant was really good. No wonder my friends keep returning.

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