Friday, September 11, 2009

Qatar Airways breakfast

I am finally on my holiday...hurrah. We are on our way to Istanbul. I have never been to this city but I have heard so many wonderful & fantastic things about Turkey. I am really excited about this trip.

We got a good deal on Qatar Airways to Istanbul from Bangkok. The flight left Bangkok 9:15 AM (very early for me). However, since we were on holiday mode, I did not mind.

We were served a very nice breakfast on board.

The breakfast started with several selections of breakfast choices. I chose first the muesli with cold milk (you have a choice between cold & warm). Nothing to complain about; the muesli was of good quality and tasted good.

My friend chose the omelette with steak for breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised to find the omelette moist and soft; its not often you can get that on an airplane. The steak was ok, it was overcooked as usual. The mushrooms and asperagus that came with the breakfast was not the best, but good quality.

I chose the hot cakes with maple syrup and fresh rasberries. I fly on Qater Airways three times a year. I always have the hot cakes for breakfast. They are so good. They are not overcooked. They come out warm and moist. The air-hostess pours the maple syrup until I give the sign that its enough. The rasberries give the acidity and sourness that blends well with the sweetness of the maple syrup.

Qatar Airways has to be one of the best airlines in the world right now. The service and food is of good quality. I always enjoy flying with Qatar.

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Graham said...

One thing you haven't mentioned is the champagne that presumably managed to avoid being in the photo.....