Thursday, September 17, 2009

Istanbul (Witt Istanbul Suites)

We finally arrived in Istanbul. I am very excited. We had the hotel limo pick us up at the airport because it was our first time in Istanbul. We did not want to get lost or cheated with a taxi the first time.

We stayed at the Witt Istanbul Suites; THE 'IN' boutique of Istanbul of the moment. It has had articles written about it in the Financial Times and New York Times. We wanted to splurge a little bit, so we booked for two nights.

There was a mix-up when we checked in. The front desk told us that the room we booked was not available. However; they decided to upgrade us to their best suite but pay the lower price of the room we originally booked. We were very delighted with our luck.

The suite was enormous. It was a corner room on the top floor (the hotel only has 7 floors). Huge windows surrounded the suite.

The decor was very nice and modern. But the decor also had a playful & quirky attitude to it. It had every modern amenity a person could need. I-pod dock, Nespresso machine and rain shower. The only complaint was that the t.v. remote control was so complicated, we actually had to read the manual to learn how to turn the thing on and how to turn the channels.

BUT, the greatest thing about the suite; was the huge balcony that wrapped itself around the suite. When we stepped out of the room...the VIEW of Istanbul was AMAZING!!! Breathlessly beautiful!!!

If you want to learn more about this very cool hotel:

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