Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dinner onboard the boat (Fethiye, Turkey)

Woke up early as usual; had some bread and a Nespresso for breakfast. It was another sunny and bright day in Fethiye.

A shot of all our neighbors.

A view of the village.

We decided to play tourist and went into town.

I always have to stop and look at all the wonderful Turkish Delights.

We decided to stop at this cafe to have a drink.

The owner of cafe's labrador. I have never seen such an enormous and fat labrador. He was castrated and that was the reason for him being so big. But, he was the most playful doggie. He was very cute.

My second Turkish shave. I was not as scared as the first time. However; at this place, they used fire to burn excess hair around the ears and face. That is when I got scared. But in the end, I survived again and my face felt as soft as a baby's bottom. I have to say though, that the first place we went to had a better shave and shampoo massage.

Then my friend convinced us to go for a Turkish hammam (Turkish bath). Of course, we wanted to try it. We asked the shaving place if there was a hammam near by and they recommend this one. Let's just say that this was an experience that I will never forget. Would I do it again? I will have to think about it and tell you later.

To make a very long story short; we were treated like pieces of meat, yelled at to lie down, screamed at to roll over and then thrown around a marble chopping board while being soaped by a guy who looked like a sumo wrestler. Then we were scrubed with sand paper, slapped on the bum and finally douced with ice cold water. Then my friend had a 500 kilo hairy gorilla with a mustach give him 30 minute Rose oil massage. The gorilla kept burping or making funny sounds with his throat. Then he put his sweaty & bulging hairy stomach on my friends head while massaging his back. Luckily I did not have the 500 kilo hairy gorilla with the mustache give me the massage.

I would have to agree with my friend when he said; "That was the most UN-sensual experience I ever had."

On top of that; the family who owned the hammam started deep frying their dinner in front of the door while we were getting our massage. The massage beds were in the open and in the waiting room. That's right, while we were getting our massage; the family started cooking their dinner. This was a very unique experience indeed.

The beautiful sun setting.

Our friends wanted to have dinner on board the boat because they had a big surprise for us. A kilo of black truffles. I could not believe how much truffles they had. The pungent odor of the truffles were mesmerizing.

Our dinner was very simple; but it was an amazing dinner. Pasta with black truffle and showered with fresh grated parmesen cheese. It truly was a fantastic feast. We had to force ourselves to eat all the truffles because there was so much. We could not let it go to waste.

The first red wine we had with our dinner was a Turkish wine; Clos Pittara. We bought it in the supermarket that caters to all the boats. The wine was good, but not outstanding.

The second wine we drank was Grange Des Peres 2005. All I can say about this wine was: WOW. This wine was a masterpiece. There was soft & ripe fruit in this wine, no rough edges, the tannins were delicate, the wood is never dominant, and the wine was not aggressive—it was impeccably balanced and so drinkable

We all decided to sleep early because we had an eventful day and we had to wake up early because we were leaving Turkey and sailing to our final destination, Greece.

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