Thursday, September 17, 2009

Witt Istanbul Suites breakfast (Istanbul)

Our first breakfast at Witt Istanbul Suites Hotel. The breakfast area is in the lobby. It has a modern retro feel to it. Very cool furniture. The area is bright with light coming in from the large windows.

We were the only ones having breakfast since most people wake up very early to go sight seeing.

The staff was very nice, it consisted of two gentlemen. One making the coffee/ tea that is ordered and the other to serve and make sure the breakfast buffet is stocked and in order. They ask if you want tea or coffee. However; warning, orange juice, espresso/ cappuccino/ cafe late cost extra. It is written on a black board. I am sure most people do not pay attention to that and will be shocked to find the extra cost on their bill when they check out. I actually do not think this is correct. Breakfast is included with the room. If you are offering breakfast, then you should include the orange juice and espresso.

The breakfast had a very large selection from international or Turkish breakfast choices. What was really interesting were the Turkish breads and cheeses. One of the favourites was as bread that looks like a bagel surrounded with sesame seeds (its sold at every street corner in Istanbul for a snack, almost like a pretzel) and a cheese that tasted like it was smoked.

More wonderful choices for breakfast.

AND more wonderful and yummy stuff for breakfast.

The breakfast just lovely. The very good and interesting selection. Good service. What else can you ask for to start the morning?

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