Monday, September 21, 2009

Kas (Turkey)

After sailing for several hours; we arrived to our first destination, Kas.

Kas is a charming and unhurried village with dramatic mountains meeting the blue of the Mediterranean. Kas was founded by the Lycians and has changed hands many times over many centuries.

Our friends who sail around Turkey often always dock their boat at Kas; esepcially at Hassan Deniz. The way it works is that you dock at one of the man-built pier owned by a local family. You pay one price and included in that price is electricity and water. Its not expensive. The family who do not charge too much for docking ask in return that you eat dinner in their restaurant.

The village looks amazing from the boat. Its like a dream or something out of a movie. Small houses dot the hill.

Hassan Desiz restaurant, where we are going to eat our dinner. I can't wait.

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