Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lunch onbaord the boat (Fethiye, Turkey - Rhodes, Greece)

We woke up early as usual to sail to our next port. Well actually, it was going to be our last port.

We decided to cook our lunch on board the boat. Our friend decided to make risotto with parmesan cheese. I have to admit that I have never cooked risotto before so I was very eager to find out how to do so from our friend. It turned out to be easy. Our friend cooked the risotto just perfectly. The rice cooked al dente; the cheese added the a creamy texture and a great taste.

To accompany the risotto was a tomato, corn and basil salad. The simple sauce for the salad was lemon, olive oil and salt. A simple dish but loads of flavours.

We are arriving to our next and last port; Rhodes, Greece. Rhodes is a very famous tourist destination. However; in my opinion, it is not a very nice looking place. Huge and monstrous buildings that they call hotels and apartments line the coast line. Very bad architecture and eye sores.

We are slowly entering the port of Rhodes where we are going to spend the night.

Since Rhodes is a famous tourist destination. It is not surprising to see enormous cruise ships. We were amazed at the size of those things. They looked like sailing apartment buildings. There was one that had 10 floors. During high-season, Rhodes is infested with the cruise ships with thousands of tourists walking all over the town.

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