Monday, September 21, 2009

Fortress (Kas, Turkey)

After docking the boat, it was time for us take a walk around the village. Our friends who dock on Kas often did not want to walk around the village again. We were warned by our friends that when we take a walk we will encounter a big 'surprise', but they would not tell us more.

Kas has a very, very, very old fortress. Its like hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of years old. That is the main attraction of this area. It is on top of the hill; and you have to walk past the village to get to it. The village seemed to be stuck in the past. Its quaint and simple.

Then we met the 'surprise' that our friends warned us about. It was a village woman. She appeared out of no where. Holding a basket of hand made scarfes. She had no teeth and a big smile. She told us that she will be our tour guide. We could not say 'no' to her. So, she led the way and explained in somewhat good english the history of Kas and the fortress.

I could not believe the stamina of the old woman. For her age, she climbed the hill quite well. I am sure she has done it thousands of times with her victims. There is not much left of the fortress but walls and stones.

But the amazing thing about getting to the top is the view of the sea. So amazing and beautiful!

Another interesting thing about Kas is the Lycian Sarcophagus (tombs) dotted throughout the area. There are even tombs in the water near the docked boats.

A view of our friend's boat docked (its the white sailing boat docked on the second pier from the right).

The stairs that allows us to go up/ down the fortress. When we were done, our tour guide led us back down to the boat. The she said; "You want to buy scarf? Me hand make the silk scar." Again, how can we refuse. So, we gave her a tour guide tip as well as buying a silk sky blue scarf.

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