Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kitchenette Restaurant (Istanbul)

After Haghia Sophia, it was lunch time. We were a bit hungry; but, did not know where to eat. Then we saw Kitchenette. We read that Kitchenette was voted the best chain restaurant in Istanbul. Since, we were right in front of one, we decided to eat there.

Since the weather was very nice; everyone was eating outside on the terrace. We were lucky to get a table right away.

The first order was a whole wheat wrap stuffed with avocado and beef. It was very good. The ingredients fresh. The dish was very simple but tasty.

The second dish was a grilled Turkish smoked cheese salad. I really liked this dish. The cheese had a very unique smoked flavour and texture is almost like a mozzerela. The salad dressing for the salad was a very simple vinegrette. All the flavours combined were perfect.

We ordered two types of lemonade. A regular one and one with mint. They both were very good, but the one with mint was amazing. What a great idea to blend mint into the lemonade.

To end a simple but yummy lunch was of course a Turkish tea.

The waitress for our table was not very good, she was not in a good mood, she was slow or did not want to serve us. So, we always asked another waiter when we needed something. He was very good and quick. In the end, we asked the bad mood waitress for the bill, it took so long, so we asked the male waiter, he came in a minute with the bill and the machine with the credit card. I have no idea what her problem was but for sure, people like that should just stay home!

Overall, Kitchenette was very good. It a very nice place to watch people, get a great lemonade and get simple and delicious food. The desserts also looked terrific.

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