Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mika Bar at the Marmara Peira Hotel (Istanbul)

After our first dinner in Istanbul; we decided to go to one of Istanbul's chicest & trendiest bar. The bar is called Mika Bar and its on the top of the Marmara Peira Hotel. The bar was also recommended from a friend who went to the bar on her recent visit.

The Mika Bar is an open aired bar and it has the most stunning views of the whole city. The decor is modern. But, the show stopper of the bar are the views.

Lots of trendy and cool looking people. Oh; yes, also very rich people. I figured that out when I saw the prices of the drinks: yikes!!!

More of the beautiful people.

I did notice that it was mostly tourist at the bar. Where are the locals?

What was surprising was how cold it sitting at the bar. I was freezing. I was not prepared. I read that it was summer and warm in Istanbul. But, at this high altitude, the temperatures drop and the wind blows. Burrrrr!!!

I did like the bar; the decor was simple because it did not want to distract from the views. The music was loungy & good, the drinks were good. Will definately return.

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