Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cafe Smyrna (Istanbul)

We were tired from our first day of sightseeing in Istanbul. So, we decided to stay in the neighborhood of where our hotel was situated. We asked the concierge where we can get good local food in the neighborhood. The concierge recommended Cafe Smyrna, which was down the road. So, off we went.

The location of our hotel was 'really' in a neighborhood. We were not in a tourist area. So, walking around the area was peaceful and had a very local feel. There are many bars, cafe and restaurants. All full with locals. I liked the look of Cafe Smyrna. Easy going with the tables on the sidewalk.

We read the menu and were not impressed with the food choices. We decided to eat dinner somewhere else in the neighborhood and just to have a snack and beer. We ordered a selection of Turkish tapas. Smoked salmon, mushroom and tomatoes on toasted bread.

We really liked the Turkish beer; Efes. Its easy to drink.

The neighborhood reminded me of San Francisco. Its all hills; up & down, with lovely homes situated at strange angles due to the hills. Sitting on the sidewalk in the neighborhood was a great idea; it was quiet & peaceful; a contrast of our day of sightseeing; full of people & noise.

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