Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kastelorizo (Greece)

I woke up early and saw the sun rise above the Mediterranean sea. A beautiful sight to behold.

Having a Nespresso and listening to the rooster being an alarm clock and watching the village slowly wake up.

The baker delivering fresh bread to the village.

Leaving the lovely village of Kas and taking one last glimpse of the charming village.

Across the sea from Kas is a very famous suken city. The water has an amazing turquoise colour and is crystal clear. You can actually see the old structures of the old city on the hills as well as under the water. Scuba diving in the area is forbidden. Turkey has thousands of ancient temples/ mosque, villages, etc. etc. However, the Turkish government does not have the money to clean, renovate or take care of these ancient treasures. So; they just leave them alone, like this suken city.

After sailing for few hours; we reached our next destination; Kastelorizo. It is a small Greek island and municipality located in the southeastern Mediterranean. It lies roughly halfway between Rhodes and Antalya. If you would like to the history of Kastelerizo please read:

When approaching the village; it actually looked like a set in a movie or a minature toy set. The village was very pretty and distinctive with its pastel coloured buildings and houses.

The village up-close. There are many tiny hotels dotted along the coast. It looks like a place to go if you really want to be alone and write a book.

It was time for lunch. We starting with having champagne.

The chefs on board, preparing the kebabs to bbq.

The kebabs coming off the bbq. The meat was very tender and tasty. Its really neat to have a bbq on the boat. So, easy to bbq the catch of the day or meat from the local butcher. What a life.

To accompany the kebabs, a kilo of penne pasta. Who needs dessert after all this food?

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