Monday, September 21, 2009

Hasan Deniz Restaurant (Kas, Turkey)

It was time for dinner, we stepped off the boat and walked one second to the restaurant. There was only one other table occupied beside us (their boat was docked next to ours). The restaurant is an 'open' place, no walls. You sit next to the sea, its an amazing place.

We got the best table of the restaurant. A booth next to the sea and surrounded with a garden of flowers. How can you not like the place???

How the restaurant works is you go and choose the meats and fish you want to eat; as well as the selection of Turkish tapas you want to eat. The meats are amazingly fresh and beautifully displaced. I could not believe the attention to detail in preparing & displaying the meats. We are in the middle of a small village and the quality of food is like the middle of a city.

Since we are in the middle of the Mediterranean sea; for sure we were offered very fresh fish and a large selection of different fish. Each fish was wrapped carefully and displayed in a freezer to keep the fish fresh.

The restaurant is famous amongst sailors like my friends. Docking at Hasan Deniz is famous not only because of the friendliness of the family but Madame Hasan Deniz's cooking is legendary. The restaurant displays flags from all over the world; which were given by the sailing boats that have continuously docked here. The restaurant has charm. What is amazing is that there are huge plants of basil growing in the restaurant. The smell of basil was great.

I warn you before you read on; we ordered and ate a lot of food. The first starter was the house special. Honestly, I can not remember the Turkish names of all the dishes we had. Madame Hasan Deniz came to the table and placed each item on our plate. The roll on the plate was a deep fried roll stuffed with Turkish cheese. The second starter was almost like a lasagna. All I can say was; WOW. Amazing flavours and this was only the beginning. I was already dreaming what would the rest of the food be like.

Stuffed chilies.

Stewed chilies.


Stewed spicy tomotoe.

Stewed eggplant.

Creamy yoghurt.

Fresh crunchy Turkish bread.

Rice pilaf with almonds.

Perfectly grilled fish decorated with flowers from the family's garden.

Turkish dessert.

We were really in paradise! The atmosphere was charming, the weather was lovely to sit outside, the conversation with our friends was interesting and the food was absolutely delicious. You cannot ask for more.

We were totally stuffed after a feast like this. So, the only thing we could do to let our food digest was to smoke cigars, continue drinking the not so bad Turkish white wine and continue our discussion before walking back to the boat to sleep.

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