Monday, September 21, 2009

First lunch on the sailing boat (Antalya, Turkey)

We left Istanbul to catch a flight to Antalya where were going to meet up with friends who owned a sailing boat. Thanks to them, this is the main reason why we went to Turkey for holiday. They were very kind to invite to go sailing with along the Turkish iles and end up in Rhodes, Greece.

Istanbul to Antalya was about one hour. Once we landed in Antalya, we were picked up by our friend and a car. It took about two hours from the airport to the boat dock. When we arrived lunch was already prepared.

A very simple lunch of tomato and feta cheese. The tomatoes in Turkey are very tasty. This was a good idea to have a light lunch because it was hot and we were about to sail out of the dock.

Off we go; sailing to our next destination. The weather was sunny, warm and a nice breeze.

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