Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunset in Istanbul

After lunch, we just walked around Istanbul. Soaking all the glory of this very culturally rich city, its beauty and contrast of west/ east, Europe/ Asia, old/ new, etc. Istanbul is truly a city of contrasts.

To end our day; we decided to take a ferry across the Bosphorus. When we reached the ferry terminal, we saw that the ferry was about to leave. We bought tokens and ran for the ferry. We just made it. We actually had no idea where we were going. But, that was the fun part of the trip.

We did get to see Istanbul from a different angle. It is a stunning city to look at from the sea. But another amazing site was the sunset over the city.

Amazing to see the outline of all the mosque with the sun setting behind them.

Another contrast of Istanbul, is the temperature. It gets quite warm in the day, but when evening comes around, it gets a bit chilly. I was getting cold on the ferry on the way back to our starting point. The last few minutes of the trip several passengers and including us, went down into the ferry to stay warm.

After a full day of sightseeing. It was time to return to the hotel to rest, shower and get ready for dinner.

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