Saturday, May 01, 2010

4 Garçons Brasserie & Pâtisserie

The latest trendy, chic and already very popular through word of mouth, is a French restaurant, which just opened on Thonglor soi 13. The restaurant is called 4 Garçon (four partners who opened the place). We saw it the other day when we were driving by to go eat at a Vietnamese restaurant near by. So, we decided to try it with some friends who are foodies.

The space is huge! It is located in the Oakwood service apartment. The decor is a mix of retro, chic glam and modernised bistro & Louis XIV themed furniture. What is eye catching is the volume of the room, which is quite unique for a restaurant in Bangkok.

The first starter was clam soup. The soup was thick, rich & creamy. The texture was velvety and the flavour of the clam was very nice.

The next starter was clams in white wine. The clams were fresh and tasted very nice. Perhaps on the salty side but it did not distract from the simple yet very tasty dish.

The next starter was salade niçoise. A basic salad that was done well. All the right ingredients, the salad dressing was not drowning the salad and was light in taste (all good things).

The next starter was goat cheese tarte. A bit on the dry side; but he pastry was flaky and cooked just right. The goat cheese taste was very good.

The first main dish was lamb cooked for 7 hours. The lamb of course was so tender and juicy. The dish was a rustic & hearty. I do like these kind of dishes.

The next dish was lamb stew. The lamb stew was thick & rich. The lamb was tender & juicy. The sauce was rich in taste; which was so good I needed bread to wipe off every last drop of sauce.

The next main dish was braised ox tail. Done very nicely. The ox tail meat was falling off the bone. The intense flavour of the sauce was so so good.

The next main dish was beef tongue. The tongue was cooked just right. It cut like butter and it had a very nice taste. The rich sauce added a lovely flavour to the tongue.

The dessert that we shared was a fig tarte. We all agreed that the dessert tasted very nice. The fresh figs were not too sweet but had so much flavour. The pastry was flaky and moist. A very nice & refreshing dessert.

The service was very attentive and professional. For how busy the restaurant was; the food and the service was very good. If they keep up the standard & quality; this restaurant will be a huge success and be very popular in the area for a long long time.

113 Thonglor 13
Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok 10110
662 713 9547

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