Tuesday, May 04, 2010

MBK Food Court

We wanted to see, touch, smell, hear, play & buy the new amazing/ incredible/ awesome/ cool iPad at MBK. We parked our car at Emporium and took the BTS because we had no idea how the traffic was going to be due to the red shirts in that area.

Since; we were on our way to MBK, it was a perfect time to eat at what I consider the BEST 'food court in a shopping mall' in Bangkok in terms of quality and choice. The MBK food court is also huge. Even on a busy day (which is everyday, except now due to the red shirts), you can always find a place to sit & eat.

The MUST place to eat for us is the beef noodle soup. It is considered by many people to be one of the best in town. We were introduced to this place by Chinese friends; who are foodies and would know a thing or two about beef noodle soup. The food stall is right next to the coupon counter. You cannot miss this place; it has a huge aluminum pot stewing beef and its innards.

We always order the sen mee with raw beef and beef balls with soup. I cannot eat the innards...Yucky! However; today we were not satisfied with our normally perfect soup. The broth was waaaay to salty. The 'boss' who is normally present at the food stall was not there; so perhaps, the staff who were working that day either put too much salt or fish sauce in the soup.

The next food stall I always go to is the tom yum noodle. Not all food courts in town have this soup.

I chose sen mee with pork (I forgot to tell them no liver). The tom yum had the perfect combination of sweet, salty, sour, tangy and spicy. The textures from the sen mee, pork, crushed peanuts, crispy wonton are a wonderful combination.

We also consider the khao kha moo to be one of the best in town. They are always very generous with the stewed pork not like other food courts where they are so damn stingy on the pork. Of course the pork was tender & juicy and the flavour of the stewed pork was really good. The sauce was outstanding and it made the rice so so good.

We seldom get a chance to go to MBK for lunch. When we do; we always wonder why it takes us so long to return.

After lunch; we went to play with the iPad.

After drooling for the iPad (they are a bit on the expensive side for the moment), we decided to visit the red shirt camp which is next to MBK. As many of you know; the red shirts have camped & closed the Siam Square area for several weeks now. Siam Discovery, Siam Square and Paragon are all closed. It is strange to visit an area that is normally buzzing with millions of people walking around. Instead it looked like a war zone.

The tires and steel wired fences keeping non-red shirts out of the occupied area.


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