Saturday, May 08, 2010

Thanon Nanglinchee

It was time for lunch; so that meant a lot of people were leaving the office to get something good to eat. Our department decided to go for pad see ew (stir fry noodles with soy sauce). One of the best places to have pad see ew near our office is on Thanon Nanglinchee.

We were driving down Thanon Nanglinchee (the traffic is horrible during lunch time) and we noticed that the best place for pad see ew was swarming with hundreds of people either eating, ordering or waiting for pad see ew. We parked the cars and decided to go to the 'next' best place for pad see ew. It is across the street from the 'best' pad see ew stall and it is next to the wet market.

Also next to the pad see ew is a popular stall for bamee. This was good for us so we had more choices to eat for lunch.

Here is the pad see ew stall. It is a one man show. This amazing man makes hundreds of orders of pad see ew.

We had to walk down an alley way and sit in the wet market. We had to set up the tables ourselves.

This was the only open stall in the wet market...the stall was selling vegetables and herbs.

We were given a bowl of deep fried wontons. We were very disappointed that the fried wontons were only the wonton skin. They were not stuffed with pork like other places. They also seemed like they were sitting out in the humidity for a while since they were not very crispy.

My first dish was bamee moo dang (egg noodle with red pork). This was not the best bamee mood dang; I thought the soup was bland. The bamee and the pork were ok. I have had better bamee mood dang and I for sure will not be thinking of this place if I was ever in the mood for bamee moo dang.

The next dish was pad see ew with pork. I ordered the pad see ew with sen mee; I prefer the texture of the small rice noodles. The pad see ew was on the dry side and it was sticking together in lumps. We all agreed that the pad see ew where everyone was fighting for a table is much better tasting.

The alley way where we were sitting for our lunch. It was a horribly hot day and we were all sweating like crazy.

Overall; the pad see ew and bamee moo dang were 'ok'. There are many more better places on Thanon Nanglinchess for both dishes; but this place always has seats for us when it is so busy during the rush lunch time, when we are so hungry and when we have no time to wait.

309/3, Nanglinchee Road, (in front the market)
Chongnonsi, Yannawa, Bangkok, 10120

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