Monday, May 17, 2010

Bibi by Cheesecake House

The Cheesecake House has been in Bangkok for a while. It has a large following; but for some reason I have never been. After a really bad lunch at Gyunoya, we decided to try Bibi by Cheesecake House for a coffee. It is also in the Nihonmachi Mall.

The decor is a mix of modern & retro furniture. The space is large and bright. The ambiance is comfortable and relaxing.

Bibi was empty when we got there around 15:00. We can tell that the Nihonmachi Mall is not as popular as it's neighbor, K-Village. I guess Nihonmachi Mall will have to start marketing itself better if they want to survive.

Bibi had a lot of freshly baked savoury and sweet pastries. I tried the chicken pie and the apple cinnamon roll. Both were well done and tasted very good.

The cooling case holding all the varieties of cheesecakes.

Another nice place that offers very nice pastries and coffee. On top of that there is free Wi-fi, good but soft music in the background, is calm and loads of parking. So for people like me who like to work in coffee shops...Bibi is now on my list.

115 Nihonmachi Mall (next to K-Village)
Sukhumvit soi 26
Bangkok, 10110


Chayanin said...

Hi, may I have your permission to post your review into Bibi by Cheesecake House Facebook page? I'm the owner of the shop and I thank you for reviewing our shop ^^ You can visit our page at

Hungry in Bangkok said...

Hi, of course you can post this review on your facebook. I hope it attracts tons of people to Bibi. Regards.

Chayanin said...

Thank you very much.

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