Monday, May 24, 2010

Mr. Joe

There is one place that my team and I really like to go for lunch. It is a a simple but special place...they specialise in crispy pork. That is the main reason tons of people during the weekday flock to Mr. Joe's place. To eat the incredibly crispy & tasty pork. We know the stuff is not good for our cholesterol levels; but once in a while is good for the soul & spirit.

Mr. Joe's is the typical shop house turned into a restaurant. The place is very simple with aluminum chairs and tables. No air-conditioning, and no decor. Just really good crispy pork.

We started with dim sum because we were so hungry. The Shrimp dim sum were ok. A bit on the dry side. I guess they were sitting in the steamer a bit too long. They were also a bit bland. Not the best in town, but they were sufficient for five hungry guys.

The Pork dim sum were practically the same in terms of being a bit dry and bland.

The famous crispy pork. The pork skin is so so crispy, the meat is so tender & juicy. I really hate the texture and feel of fat. What is so great about Mr. Joe's crispy pork is that it is not too fatty. The percentage of pork meat vs. pork fat is very nice. We had to order two portions because it was so good.

But, what I really really love at Mr. Joe's is their famous soup with crispy pork. The soup comes with hollow tube like rice noodles. The soup also includes soft stewed pork and crispy pork. The soup itself is so tasty. The total combination makes this soup so incredible. I had two big bowls. I wanted another one but I held myself back because we had to go back to the office and I knew I would fall asleep if I ate too much.

The staff preparing all the orders for the people eating in the restaurant and for the people taking away.

The traffic to get to Mr. Joe's was horrendous. A trip that should only take around 30 minutes back & forth; that day took us about an hour. We always convince ourselves that it is worth the trip because the crispy pork at Mr. Joe's is so so good.

313/7 Thanon Chan (at the corner of soi 44)

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