Monday, May 03, 2010

Crepe & Co.

The traffic was so bad in Bangkok that we decided to eat dinner in our area of Ekamai/ Thonglor. We remembered that Crepe & Co. opened at the newly opened condo. called the Eight@Thonglor.

Crepe & Co. has a large fan base; especially with the ex-pat community of Bangkok. Their first branch on Sukhumvit soi 12 has been open for several years now. This branch on Thonglor is their second one in Bangkok. There is an outdoor terrace dinning area and a large indoor dinning room as well. The evening was cool so we decided to eat outside.

The first dish was moussaka. The moussaka was on the small side (portion wise). When it arrived it looked really yummy. The ingredients were very fresh. The combination of the eggplant, meat and cheese was really good but the only thing we did not like was that the moussaka was on the sweet side.

The second dish was cous cous. The portion was good for two people. The cous cous was cooked nicely. The strange thing was that the cous cous was also on the sweet side. The over sweetness of the dish ruined it for us. Which is too bad because we do like cous cous but it is really difficult to find a good one in Bangkok or actually, near our area.

Overall; we might have to try other dishes to see if we like Crepe & Co. or not. But; with our experience with the cous cous we have not been tempted to go back.

Apparently; Crepe & Co. is also very popular with their Sunday brunch. We can never wake up in time for brunch. But; as mentioned before Crepe & Co. has a big following but I have not found out why yet.

88 Thonglor Soi 8
Bangkok 10110
02-726 9398 to 9

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