Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top Menu

We had a dinner date with a friend whom we have not seen for a very long time. She recommended a Chinese restaurant on soi 24 (near her home). We trust this person when it comes to food. She is a 'Foodie' with a capital 'F', she is a trained chef and she knows everything about food. So, of course we wanted to try the restaurant that she recommended.

Top Menu is the name of the restaurant and it is located on soi 24. It is the worst soi on Sukhumvit in terms of traffic. It is like a mini version of Hong Kong with way too many apartment buildings built or being built; but, the soi cannot cope or support the amount of cars. Of course there is no parking on the entire soi. I had to be clever and find a parking in one of the buildings.

This is Top Menu's second branch. I totally forgot that there was another one near Narathiwas Rd., until our friend reminded us that we actually ate at a restaurant next to it together (with old age, my memory is fading very quickly).

Top Menu is brightly lit, the decor has Chinese influence and there were tons of Japanese & Chinese people eating...which is a good thing.

The first dish was Sweet & Sour soup. WOW, was it spicy. It was so spicy that my scalp started to itch. The soup was thick & rich, it had a very nice blend of sweet & sour and had lots of soft textures. The soup was very good.

The next dish was steamed Dumplings. The dumplings came out steaming hot. The skin was thin & soft, the filling was moist & tender and the bouillon inside the dumpling was tasty. I really liked these little dumplings.

The next dish was Green Beans. The green beans had a wonderful bright green colour. The green beans had a soft & tender texture but still had a slight crunch to it and they tasted wonderful.

The next dish was boiled Dumplings. The skin was thicker than the steamed dumplings but the filling was equally moist, tender and tasty.

The next dish was Spicy Tofu. We do like this dish and Top Menu made a very nice one. Loads of colour and texture from the tofu, ground pork and peppers. Spicy but not the scalp itchy kind.

The next dish was Green Egg Plant. This was the most memorable dish for me since it was the first time I had this kind of dish. Fried and glazed egg plant. The egg plant was soft & tender inside and the outside had a light crunchy sweet glaze to it. This was a lovely dish.

For dessert was the warm Black Sesame Balls in Ginger soup. For some odd reason, I like this dessert. The balls were sticky & gooey and the filling of pepper combined with the ginger soup was spicy. A dessert with a kick.

The next dessert was mixed beans in syrup & ice. A refreshing dessert to cool down the body from the horrible heat wave we have been having lately. Loads of colour and textures from the different beans.

We were really glad that this turned out to be a very very delicious dinner. Now, we have another address for fantastic Chinese food. The service was very good, the prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere is not bad at all. I want to go back as soon as possible.

The only problem about Top Menu is that there is no parking. It is advisable to take a taxi or motor bike from the BTS Phrom Phong.

98 Sukhumvit soi 24
Bangkok 10110


Mike said...

as a foodie in bangkok, i love your blog! however, the balls in ginger soup are filled with ground black sesame seed, not pepper.

Hungry in Bangkok said...

Hi, thanks so much for helping me on the mistake. You are so so right and I have changed the mistake. Please keep reading and advise if you have any nice places to eat in Bkk.