Friday, May 14, 2010

Citi Bistro @ Pathumwan Princess Hotel

Before; the Red Shirts created more chaos in Bangkok...MBK was open and so we decided to go to MBK to buy a cover for our iPad, but of course before shopping we needed lunch. We decided to drive to MBK instead of taking the BTS. Traffic was very good but when we got to MBK, the entrance to the parking was too busy, so we decided to park in the Pathumwan Princess Hotel.

Since; we parked in the hotel, we decided to have the buffet at their restaurant called 'Citi Bistro'. We arrived around 14:00 and the restaurant manager was very nice and told us that the buffet was ending at 14:30. We decided to go ahead and stuff ourselves with food for 30 minutes.

The buffet has tons of Thai, Asian (the ebi tempura is very good) and western food choices.

One of the nice concepts of the buffet is that there is a raw seafood and meat section. We chose the seafood and meats we wanted to eat and they will grill it the selected for for us. A very nice idea. The prawns and lobster were very good. The duck tasted good but the beef was not good at all. It had a strange taste.

Another really nice idea is the pad thai station where they make the pad thai to order in front of you. So, we ordered two pad thai. The pad thai had nice ingredients but it was toooooo sweet. I even tried to add more fish sauce and chili to fight against the sweetness but it was a losing battle. Too bad.

After stuffing ourselves with the savoury dishes, it was time to see what was offered at the dessert bar. Not much was left since it was the end of the buffet. And not much was tempting.

I had a small slice of almond cake which was dried out. But, the cappuccino was very good.

Overall; Citi Bistro has some very good concepts for their buffet. Some of the food is very good and some are misses. The Citi Bistro is very popular with Thai families on weekends because of the promotions with credit cards which give them big discounts on the buffet.

One of the key reasons why we ate at Citi Bistro was that Citibank credit card was having a promotion with Citi Bistro. We got 50% off our bill, which is a very good thing.

Pathum Wan
Bangkok 10330

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